Company Organization Chart

The organization chart of Seoul Trading is built to accomplish creative tasks and lead task efficiency through division of various departments. Each department is based on their own task to lead the company’s growth by planning active communication with other departments.

Trade Department

Seoul Trading’s trade department purchases the best food products from Korea and the entire world. Equipped with the best distribution system, the trade department at Seoul Trading continues to work hard to supply fresh food products and ingredients to our customers. We are operating an evaluation system within the company so that we do not put out low quality products focused solely on margins. Also, we conduct an evaluation on how the product can be improved and its commercial value with the employees of our company to accomplish upward leveling of product quality. As the department with high amounts of purchase and extensive global network, the trade department is Seoul Trading’s proudest possession.

Seafood Department

Seoul Trading’s seafood department is an independent entity(including corporate activities such as purchasing, sales, shipping and financing) that directly imports seafood from Asia, South America, Canada and New Zealand and in certain cases, makes local purchases. ‘POLAR BIRD’ is the seafood brand of this department. The seafood department works hard to provide our customers with the best seafood.

Business Department

The business department of Seoul Trading supplies thousands of Asian food products to Korean markets and other major supermarkets in America. With the belief of always being considerate to others, our business department communicates with our customers and conduct our tasks with sincerity and passion. This department works towards the best results by taking responsibility for product supply at Seoul Trading with the best teamwork and business operations.

Finance Department

Seoul Trading’s finance department is in charge of the finance/accounting tasks for the entire company and prepare various business data such as financial statements. One of the important tasks is managing cash flow and they play the role of leading the growth of the company.

Computing Department

Seoul Trading’s computing department develops and operates the computing system(logistics/business/finance/management/intranet/network/etc.) for the company and our affiliates

Distribution Center

Seoul Trading’s distribution center takes pride in having largest scale and facility on the east coast of the United States. We are able to deliver fresh products to our customers as we are equipped with refrigeration and freezer units. With the advantages of accurate and fast shipping, we are reaching all parts of the world.


As the largest distribution company in eastern U.S., Seoul Trading is looking for fresh new talents who will live up to that reputation. We welcome any talents with creative minds based on professional knowledge to lead Seoul Trading in these changing times.

Talent who works for self-development by studying endlessly with abundance of professional knowledge


Talent with a challenging mind who takes responsible and creative approaches for every task


Talent with an open mind and multi-language skills suited for the global age


Talent with cooperative spirit and ethical work ethic to work alongside colleagues to grow the company

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